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  • Schedule for the week: Monday 6/2 – And Then There Were None movie Tuesday 6/3 – Utah Studies Olympics Wednesday 6/4 – Punnett Squares, Genetic Disorders Thursday 6/5 – (Last Day for 7th Graders) Cleaning, Softball Games, and Memory Book Signing Friday 6/6 – No 7th graders at school Have a wonderful summer!
  • Q4 Week 9 May 29, 2014
    Reminder: The late work deadline is this Friday. The Minion Pod teachers will not accept any late or missing work after 3:00pm on this day.  Items for this week: DNA Extraction:  Students will be taking DNA from split pea cells. If you are absent for this lab you will need to read through the lab […]
  • Q4 Week 8 May 20, 2014
    Reminder: The late work deadline for the quarter is May 30th. Rosalind Franklin – students will be reading an article about Rosalind Franklin, a female scientist who helped discover the structure of DNA.  Once the students have read the article they will answer 5 reading comprehension questions and then write a 1 page essay arguing […]
  • Q4 Week 7 May 14, 2014
    Reminder: The late work deadline for 4th Quarter is Friday, May 30th.  May 12-14th will be Science Sage testing during the period you have science only. DNA Lesson and Notes: Students will be listen and following along with a power point lesson while doing fill-in-the-blank notes. Intro to DNA ppt Video – Cracking the Code: Students […]

Ms. Dunn's History Class

  • Welcome to Q4! Apr 1, 2013
    Welcome to Q4!  I am really excited to be starting into 4th quarter because that means that we get to start into WWII!  We will be exploring the war itself then focusing on how it effected Utah.  Off we go!MONDAY: Spring BreakTUESDAY: Spring BreakWEDNESDAY: Intro WWIITHURSDAY: Hitler's Rise to PowerFRIDAY: Hitler & FDRWork from Class: [...]
  • Welcome! Aug 23, 2012
    Students,Welcome to 7th grade!  I know this can be kind of scary, but don't worry, this week we will get to know each other, the class rules, expectations, etc.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year! [...]
  • Students,Welcome to the last full week of school!  We will be taking the test Monday and Tuesday (block scheduling) after which we will be learning great things!MONDAY: End of Year Final (1-4)TUESDAY: End of Year Final (5-7)WEDNESDAY: Modern UtahTHURSDAY: OlympicsFRIDAY: Olympics [...]
  • Students,This week we will be finishing up the information in quarter 4.  We will review and take the test.  On Friday we will do a fun, easy activity to give you a break.  Then we'll begin on end of year review.MONDAY: Science CRTTUESDAY: Finish movies, work on study guideWEDNESDAY: Review gameTHURSDAY: Quarter 4 TestFRIDAY: Utah Schtuff [...]

ms. nielsen's language arts - Daily Activities and Assignments

  • June 2-6 Jun 2, 2014
    Last Week of School! Monday:  Watch the And Then There Were None Movie Tuesday: Cross Curricular Olympic GamesWednesday: Book Talks/Oh the Places! Thursday:  Softball Game and Yearbook SigningFriday:  [...]
  • May 26-30 May 28, 2014
    Monday: Memorial Day NO SCHOOL! Tuesday: SRI Wednesday: Book Report Presentations (Block Day) Thursday: Book Report Presentations (Block Day) Friday: Pod auction and award day  [...]
  • May 19-23 May 19, 2014
    Monday: Jeopardy Review Game! Tuesday: Test taking tips and tricks Wednesday: JOB SHADOW DAY Thursday: SAGE Testing Friday: SAGE Surprise!  [...]
  • May 12-16 May 12, 2014
    Monday:  Today we reviewed possessive nouns. We learned what possessive nouns are and how they work in sentences. We also completed a worksheet. Check the absent work box for the papers. Tuesday:  Today we listened to a speech by Winston Churchill called "Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Tears" then we answered some comprehension questions on the subject.   Wednesday:  Today we did reading comprehension reviews. There is a packet in class if you were absent today.&nb [...]