Ms. LeSueur's Science Blog

  • Q4 Week 3 Apr 15, 2014
    Scientific Names: Students started this assignment (see previous week’s post) and will be finishing it up. We will correct it on Tuesday. Hardware Key: Students will be using a dichotomous key to identify the “scientific names” of various pieces of hardware. This assignment is available in hard copy only and must be completed in class […]
  • Q4 Week 2 Apr 9, 2014
    April 7th – 8th: Language Arts Sage Writing Test 6 Kingdoms Quiz: Thursday, April 10th. Use your notes, green grid, classy chart, and starters to study. You can also quiz yourself using the  Pop Quiz – 6 Kingdoms power point. Classification Notes: Fill in using the Classification lesson power point Scientific Names: Scientific Names Worksheet R&S on Friday  
  • Q4 Week 1 Apr 1, 2014
    Reminder: We will be having a pod field trip to the Natural History Museum on April 2nd.  Items for this week: Quiz: Living, Non-living, Dead, and Viruses. On Tuesday, 4/1. Use your Characteristics of Living Things notes to prepare. If you did not master this quiz you will need to study and retake it. *Field Trip: […]
  • Q3 Week 9 Mar 24, 2014
    Note: All assignments for my class this week will be counted on 4th quarter grades.  Items for this week: Living, Non-living, Dead, Viruses:  Lesson & Notes. Characteristics of Living Living or Non-living worksheet: only available in hard copy. Pick up in my classroom The 6 Kingdoms of Living Things: Lesson and Notes. 6 Kingdoms Classy Chart: Students […]

Ms. Dunn's History Class

  • Welcome to Q4! Apr 1, 2013
    Welcome to Q4!  I am really excited to be starting into 4th quarter because that means that we get to start into WWII!  We will be exploring the war itself then focusing on how it effected Utah.  Off we go!MONDAY: Spring BreakTUESDAY: Spring BreakWEDNESDAY: Intro WWIITHURSDAY: Hitler's Rise to PowerFRIDAY: Hitler & FDRWork from Class: [...]
  • Welcome! Aug 23, 2012
    Students,Welcome to 7th grade!  I know this can be kind of scary, but don't worry, this week we will get to know each other, the class rules, expectations, etc.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year! [...]
  • Students,Welcome to the last full week of school!  We will be taking the test Monday and Tuesday (block scheduling) after which we will be learning great things!MONDAY: End of Year Final (1-4)TUESDAY: End of Year Final (5-7)WEDNESDAY: Modern UtahTHURSDAY: OlympicsFRIDAY: Olympics [...]
  • Students,This week we will be finishing up the information in quarter 4.  We will review and take the test.  On Friday we will do a fun, easy activity to give you a break.  Then we'll begin on end of year review.MONDAY: Science CRTTUESDAY: Finish movies, work on study guideWEDNESDAY: Review gameTHURSDAY: Quarter 4 TestFRIDAY: Utah Schtuff [...]

ms. nielsen's language arts - Daily Activities and Assignments

  • April 14-18 Apr 14, 2014
    Monday: Today we reviewed author's purpose. We talked  about why an author would write/speak/produce a certain text.  [...]
  • APRIL 7-11 Apr 7, 2014
    Monday:  SAGE testingTuesday:  SAGE testing Wednesday:  The Perfect Crime: Introduction to And Then There Were None Thursday:  And Then There Were None Chapter 1 Friday: R&S [...]
  • March 31-April 4 Apr 2, 2014
    Monday:  NO SCHOOLTuesday:  Today we learned how to write our own outlines in preparation for our SAGE writing assessment next week. Wednesday:  Pod Field TripThursday:  Today we learned how to write our own informative outlines and we also practiced writing informative papers. Friday: To [...]
  • March 24-28  Mar 26, 2014
    Monday: Book report examples and assignment. **Check "Book Report Papers" link to see information on the assignment. Study for Prefix and Suffix quiz Tuesday: Prefix and Suffix quizWednesday: Finish the quizThursday: Subject/Verb Agreement Friday: Pod Movie (Kit Kittridge)  [...]